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2017 FORD GT

Introducing the Ford GT.

This is what true innovation looks like. From its 3.5L EcoBoost® technology to its ultraefficient aerodynamics, the Ford GT is the culmination of everything great we do at Ford. And it’s the same passion for innovation that can be seen throughout our entire vehicle lineup.

You've Never Seen Anything Like This Before.

Designed for Speed and Performance. From the Ground Up.

Whether on the road or on the track, every single element of the Ford GT was designed to deliver the extraordinary speed and exceptional handling found only in purpose-built racing cars. This is what happens when you give the best automotive engineers in the world the time and resources they need not just to push the envelope, but to bust right through it.

Super light. Super strong.

The lightweight body is made of carbon fiber. Aluminum structures minimize the weight of the high-strength subframes.


Long suspension arms and inboard damper packaging deliver track-capable vehicle dynamics - an example of Ford Performance engineers exploring suspension design for future Ford Performance vehicles.

Carbon-ceramic brakes

To help optimum overall performance, Brembo™* carbon-ceramic brakes have been engineered into the Ford GT.
*Brembo is a trademark of Brembo S.p.A

An amazingly powerful engine

Twin-turbocharged, intercooled EcoBoost® 3.5-liter V6 projected to produce more than 600 horsepower.

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