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Service Specials at Tom Wood Ford

Do you own or lease a 2018 Ford Explorer? Do you drive an older automobile? It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is brand-new or on the older side, it will still need to be serviced during its lifetime. While servicing your car is necessary to keep it working properly, it doesn’t mean you should have to pay more for the service your vehicle needs than you have to.

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What’s Your Car Trying to Tell You?

It’s amazing when you think about it. Even though your car isn’t living and breathing, it’s still capable of communicating with you in some highly effective ways. Whether you drive a 2018 Ford Focus, an older Ford vehicle, or an automobile produced by another manufacturer, your car can tell you when something’s wrong.

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Tips to Prep Your Automobile for Summer


If you’ve lived or worked near our Ford dealership long enough, then you probably know there are a few things you should do to prep your automobile for summer. It doesn’t matter if you drive a new vehicle or an older car, summerizing your vehicle toward the end of spring every year is a good idea.

The first thing you should do to summerize your vehicle is make an appointment to bring your…

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How to Care for Your Vehicle’s Battery in the Cold

Whether you buy a new Ford vehicle or a used Ford car in our previously owned car inventory, you’ll need to put forth a little extra effort to care for your automobile’s battery during the winter. While you may think winter is the toughest season on batteries, it’s not. Summer is normally the roughest season for car batteries to endure.

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Preparing for a Holiday Road Trip

While it may be hard to believe, Labor Day is just a few short weeks away. Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day honors the social and financial achievements of workers located in America. While Labor Day celebrates…
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Car Maintenance Tips

It doesn’t matter if you drive a used Ford car or a new one like a 2017 Ford Escape, the secret to making your vehicle last is routine maintenance. Routine maintenance is the most effective way for you to preserve your car’s resale value and prolong its useful life. It’s also a good way to keep your service bills as low as possible. 

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