Ford is soon to add a new family-friendly alternative to its lineup by way of a Ford Fusion Active model. It could be more practical than the original Ford Fusion, a traditional midsize sedan. The Active may have a slightly higher rise, creating more versatility with its uses. You can drop the kids off at school and take them camping, all with the same vehicle. Read on to learn what is known about Ford's Fusion Active.


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The Ford Fusion Active uses a station wagon base, modeled after Ford's Mondeo car, which is only available in Europe. The station wagon base provides the perfect space for a sedan crossover build. This vehicle also has a slightly raised suspension, allowing it to sit higher off the road, lending to its crossover potential. These changes take the classic Ford Fusion sedan and style for a more active lifestyle. It's also likely that the Ford Fusion Active will sport four-wheel drive.


Ford traditional offers at least four trims of its Fusion models, all with varying degrees of luxury detailing and technology. The Ford Fusion Active doesn't have a predecessor, so you can look at the previous Ford Fusion and how their trims differed to determine information about its trims. Hybrids are growing in popularity, so a hybrid option may likely become available in this model, just like with the classic Ford Fusion. Regardless, you can expect the different trims to feature a range of engine and horsepower options, as well as more aesthetic changes.


Based on the previous offerings of the Ford Fusion and Ford's other popular crossover bodies, it's likely that the Ford Fusion Active will have a variety of interiors to appeal to customers from basic to near-luxury. The Ford Fusion typically doesn't occupy a completely luxury space, but previous Fusion models have sported quilted leather, so expect some leather detailing at the very least.

The Ford Fusion Active may be a crossover between a sedan and a larger SUV or station wagon vehicle. You can expect more storage space and comfortable seating in the back rows. Hybrid models may sacrifice some space to include battery packs, so keep that in mind if you are interested in a hybrid offering of the Fusion Active.

Technology and safety features

Ford's technology has grown more and more impressive over the years within its Ford Fusion, so it stands to reason that a New Ford Fusion Active will have the same bells and whistles. Ford offers Sync 3, an infotainment and safety feature that allows drivers to sync their phones with their control systems to create voice control capabilities while they are driving. Using this program, drivers can control their phones, music, and directions without looking away from the road. Ford has also developed driver assistance technology that aids its drivers in staying safe while on the road. 

Most of their vehicles offer a comprehensive set of controls and assists to alert drivers when they are drifting into other lanes when there are pedestrians in front of or behind the car or when there is an object in the vehicle's blind spot. Many models also include technological assists to help improve driving ability, like brake support with active braking and collision avoidance assistance. They also offer rain-sensing windshield wipers, so you don't even have to worry about shifting your hands from the heated steering wheel.

Engine and powertrain

It's unclear how the shift from sedan to station wagon may affect the engine or powertrain of the Ford Fusion Active. The car may likely perform more athletic feats as it shifts from a family car to a crossover model. Many of Ford's SUVs have powerful engines specially designed to have high horsepower and torque levels.

Ford's invention of the EcoBoost engine has also created the ability to combine electric batteries and traditional engines to create a more powerful hybrid car. The Active is likely to have a turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission in the more basic trims. Some trims are likely to include an electric or hybrid trim that you can plug in to charge. Hybrid trims are usually more expensive than basic trims and may have different horsepower and torque readings than traditional ones.

Release Date

Rumors about the Ford Fusion Active have been circulating for a few years, but the model is yet to be released. It is looking more and more likely that Ford will release an updated version of the Fusion sooner rather than later because of the retirement of the traditional Ford Fusion sedan in 2020. This leaves an open space in Ford's lineup for a smaller vehicle that serves similar commercial purposes. As Ford moves away from sedans and smaller models each year, it focuses more on trucks and SUVs, which still have significant and sustained markets in the U.S. 

Creating a Ford Fusion crossover car adheres to their chosen direction as a brand while still offering variety for their customers. Ford typically releases its new models in the spring of the preceding year, so look for updates about the elusive Ford Fusion Active this spring. It's likely to be announced with the rest of its lineup and may include information about the trims and hybrid options that haven't been released to the public as of now. If the Ford Fusion Active seems like the perfect car for you, hold tight until the releases are announced.

If you have been missing new Fusions since Ford discontinued it in 2020, you can get excited about the Fusion Active that Ford has been teasing to help fill the void in your heart. It hasn't released any confirmed information yet, but the reports of a station wagon body and a more active crossover direction for the future of the Fusion name are exciting for Ford lovers who are ready for something new. Until then, you can come visit us at Tom Wood Ford to see what other offerings Ford has.

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