What’s Your Car Trying to Tell You?


It’s amazing when you think about it. Even though your car isn’t living and breathing, it’s still capable of communicating with you in some highly effective ways. Whether you drive a 2018 Ford Focus, an older Ford vehicle, or an automobile produced by another manufacturer, your car can tell you when something’s wrong.

One way a vehicle can tell you when something isn’t right is by making sounds. Squealing is one sound that drivers sometimes hear. When it comes from your wheel wells, squealing often means you need to replace your brake pads. If you don’t replace your brake pads fast enough, grinding may replace the squealing you heard earlier. If that happens, it means your calipers are touching your rotors whenever you step on your brake pedal, which can cause damage.

If you hear squealing under your hood, it’s normally a sign that there’s an issue with your serpentine belt. Your serpentine belt is important because it’s what powers your automobile’s systems. If your car is telling you there might be a problem with your serpentine belt, it’s vital for you to make an appointment to bring your car into our Ford service center near Carmel, IN as soon as possible.

If your steering wheel groans when you turn it, it may be an indication of big trouble. When a steering wheel groans, it’s usually a sign that something is causing friction in your power steering system, which may compromise your ability to steer your vehicle. If you hear groaning when you turn the wheel, have the noise checked out by our factory-trained technicians immediately.

To learn more about the sounds your car uses to communicate with you, visit our Indianapolis, IN Ford dealership. If you’ve noticed an odd car sound, contact Tom Wood Ford to make a service appointment to see us as soon as possible.

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